Want to know if the saddle really fits – especially during movement

The ever increasing number of patients with back problems makes it neccessary to find out the causes of this occurance. Very often, an improper saddle is at least partially responsible.

Due to the tightening of the back muscles during movement, and due to the weight of the rider, the positioning of the saddle changes considerably. A selection of the saddle while standing without the rider’s weight therefore makes only limited sense – after all, the saddle is supposed to fit while riding.

With our measuring system, the pressure distribution can be made easily visible during movement


We can determine:

  • If the Saddle that you have for your horse really fits.
  • which model is best for your horse (in the event that you are planning to buy a new saddle and have several saddles to choose from – preferably in cooperation with saddle vendors);
  • if the saddle is the cause of the back problem
  • whether the saddle pad you use is necessary at all, or whether it even leads to problems;
  • what happens while riding on horseback; by using a simultaneous video analysis, the impact of the turns, transitions, lateral work, etc. on the horse’s back become visible
  • Review your seating and optimize it with simple exercises
  • Visualize how the weight aids affect the horse’s back

The process of measurement

After an extensive consultation, I closely observe your horse while standing and while moving. Then I check the back for mobility, painful areas, muscles and other issues.

Before we begin the measurement, it is useful to take your horse for a training ride or warm up as usual. Then the measuring mat is placed directly on the horseback and so is the saddle with the surface that you normally use. Then we perform the measurement as required in various gaits and with different exercises, the data is transmitted wirelessly to my computer.


If required, we also determine how the saddle fits with different data.
An extensive discussion of the results and if neccesary how to make improvements – takes place at the end in a calm atmosphere. I am also happy to work with your local saddler.

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